lyrics from the single «falling down / in excess»


i went looking for an undefined world
closed my eyes so i couldn’t see
get rid of baggage, let everything behind
a waste of time just on my own
deceived myself, thought this time love has come
ignored the words i didn’t want to hear
silver lining that we’ve thought to see
have disappeared without a trace

climbing, diving, falling down
my head is spinning round and round
nothing good that lasts so long
half way love we’re holding on

kept the right ones out, let the wrong ones in
while you’re still holding on to me
wasted times where we could have been kings
hand in hand; and walking free
i’m still painting the old world in red
and only strangers that i find
close enough to get into my world
it seems my life is running out of time


you’re running for that passing lane
all you say is idle talk
try to run away from rain
gibber about your burned out soul

entertainment in excess
so you adore all the superstars
they lighten up your little space
you stumble through a senseless race
i don’t give anything – for all the stars

you sorting you out in that babylon
keep that spot you’re holding on
trying to get love off your’s chest
another night, another broken glass